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What is the Sliding Fee?

A Sliding fee is the cost you pay, that is determined by your income and family size. For example, if you have very low income you will be asked to pay less for a service than someone who has more income

Can anyone apply for the sliding fee program?

Yes. We encourage everyone to apply for the sliding fee program

Can I come to UCHC if I have insurance?

Yes. We accept a large number of health insurance plans including Medicaid and Medicare. Be sure to bring your insurance card with you for any visits at UCHC.

Can I apply for the sliding fee program if I have insurance with high deductible or uncover services?

Yes. Insured patients may also be eligible for discounted services for uncovered insurance services based on income and family size.

What do I need to bring to United Community Health Center to apply for the sliding fee program?

  • ·Your most recent income tax for every working adult in your household
  • One month of you most recent pay stubs for every working adult in the household
  • Names, birthdates and social security numbers for each person in your household

How much time do I have to complete and return my sliding fee application?

All documentation, including the application, needs to be received by UCHC within two weeks of your visit. Please review the checklist for other kinds of proof of income.

Sliding Fee Application Check List

Please bring one of the following:

  • ·Current Federal Income Tax Form (1040 or 1040EZ)
  • Current Bank statement showing direct deposit for FIP, Child Support
  • Pension Payments, Veteran’s Benefits (bank statement are good only for fixed income)
  • Most recent one month of pay stubs
  • Court order for alimony or child support or print out for child support payment
  • ·Employer statements for cash wages (must include employer name, address, phone number, and signature)
  • Award letter
  • Print out report from office issuing payment (SS, SSI, SSD, unemployment, VA, etc)
  • Self-employed must furnish Federal Tax Return